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We produce and implement purpose driven marketing strategies for small market businesses in Georgia. Our process is to start with a snapshot of the business and develop a strategy with will get a business ranked locally. We use the latest in search engine optimization and reputation management to better present your business to potential customers. Our email strategies will keep current customer coming back while keeping your business in their minds for the next time they are looking for what you offer.

Social media has been an outstanding tool for reaching new audience and building interaction with your community. You can reach them about a new product, memorable moment or celebrate an outstanding employee. They can share their feedback, questions and engagement. Every post becomes an opportunity for outreach from both sides of the equation. Your audience can tell you what works so you can take that same post and reach new customers of similar taste and demographics.

Reputation is an often undervalued aspect of marketing. When potential customers are researching their desired product or service, often the reviews will push a decision one way or another. With the wrong comment, those customers can go to your competitors. You can also learn a lot about your business from an outside perspective. You can learn if there is to much salt in a lunch special, if an employee does great work or if your hours of business could be expanded. There are only three types of customers that leave reviews. The customers that do not like your business, the customers that really like your business and the customers who you ask about your business.

We can build a strategy to strengthen all of these areas of any small business. Contact us to find out how.